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Kodak Alaris Create@Home User's Guide:

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Photo Book & Calendar Software
  1. With the KODAK Create@Home Software, you can use your favorite digital photos to create personalized photo books, calendars & cards. Choose from a variety of themes, colors, and layouts; write your own captions, and more!
  2. Yes. The KODAK Create@Home Software is a free download.
  3. "Click “Photo Books, Calendars or Cards” on the home page. Select the type of photo book or calendar you want to create. Review the KODAK Create@Home Software requirements. Click “Download”.
  4. Your computer must meet the following minimum requirements
    • 600 MHz PENTIUM III Processor or faster (INTEL Core 2 Duo recommended)
    • 512 MB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)
    • 500 MB hard drive space to install the application (1 GB
    recommended) - additional space is required for storage of
    photo books, calendars, cards, and image files
    • True Color (32 bit) display
    • 1280 x 800 screen area minimum (1680 x 1050 recommended)
    Operating System Requirements
    WINDOWS 7 (recommended), WINDOWS 8, WINDOWS 10, 
    WINDOWS XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), or VISTA
  5. No. This option is not available at this time.
  6. The software automatically checks for updates each time it starts up. It may take additional time to download and install updates if they are available.
  7. You can use the following digital photo formats: JPG (JPEG), TIF (TIFF), BMP, GIF, PICT (PCT), PNG, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP (PSD, EPS). When selecting your digital photos, be sure the image resolution is high enough to ensure high-quality prints.
  8. A photo with a resolution of 28.35 pixels/cm (72 pixels/in.) or less is a very low resolution image. A picture with a resolution between 28.74 pixels/cm (73 pixels/in.) to 47.24 pixels/cm (120 pixels/in.) is a low resolution image. If the book, calendar or card application indicates a photo has a low or very low resolution, the photo will probably not be of acceptable quality when printed.  If you zoomed in on a photo, try zooming out to improve the resolution. You can also replace the photo with a higher resolution image.
  9. The KODAK Create@Home Software has two ways for you to check if an image has low or very low resolution. First, each image with a resolution problem will display a yellow warning icon on the image itself. Second, if you are not on the page, you can select the “review” button (located next to the “place order…” button on the bottom right corner of the application window). The review button will display a dialog window with any possible issues with your project.
  10. There is no limit to the number of photos you can have on a page.
  11.   Minimum Pages Maximum Pages
    All Photobooks 12 40
  12. Yes. Drag and drop the photo onto the page outside the frames and select “Single Page Background” or “Two-page Spread Background” from the pop up menu.
  13. Yes. Click Tools > Save Page As Layout or click the Save Layout button. Your page layout will appear under the Page Layouts tab in the Image Browser.
  14. Yes. You can use any language and font available on your computer.
  15. The printable proof shows what your finished photo book, calendar or card will look like. If images are too close to, or outside of, the cut marks, hit Cancel. Edit the layout of the images until they appear within the cut marks.
  16. Yes, Please see the ‘Saving Files’ section and the ‘Printing My Files at a Store’ section for instructions on how to do this.
User Accounts/Registration
  1. Registration is free and involves no commitment on your part. The information you give us will of course be treated confidentially, not passed to third parties and will be transferred securely (SSL encryption). Please read our policy on Privacy.
  1. The price of your photobook or calendar is set by the retailer and may vary from store to store. Please contact your selected retailer for current pricing information.
Saving Files
  1. No you should save your work to your Hard Drive as often as possible.  Any work that is not saved will be lost.
  2. Do the following: Click on Place Order… button in the bottom right corner of the application’s window If the Pre-print Book Validation Report dialog is displayed, fix any errors or problems with your file or click the “Proceed With Printing” button A Progress… dialog will be displayed for a few minutes – during this process, your project is being created so that it can be printed on one of our in-store printers Review a proof of your file before saving it by clicking “View Pages”. This is a recommended procedure by Kodak to verify that everything has been processed by the software correctly so that your final product is what you expect. Verify that you have examined the proof and click the checkbox to the left of the agreement. Click the “Continue” button At the Contact Information dialog, Fill in your Name and your Phone Number or Email address and click “OK” Click “OK” on Create Package dialog window In the Save Package window, select the directory to save your file (default is My Documents), enter a name for your file and Click “OK” Exit or minimize the KODAK Create@Home Software and copy the file just created to your storage device. Note: There are many ways to copy files in Windows, using Windows Explorer is a really easy way to do this. If you are unfamiliar with copying files, please refer to the Help and Support files that are included in the Windows operating system.
  3. You can save your files to a USB Flash drive (thumb drive), SD Card, CD, or other standard portable storage device.
Printing My Files at a Store
  1. Your files must be saved to a portable storage device such as a USB Flash drive, an SD Card, or a CD. Refer to: Saving Files Go to the store and insert your media with the files on it in the Kodak Kiosk (if available) or hand it to the person behind the counter
  2. Refer to the source where you obtained the application software: If you received the software from a CD distributed by a store bring your files to that store. If you received the software from a website the website will provide a list of retail stores providing this service. If you received the software using a promotion card, the promotion card will have the name of the store that is participating in this service.